Relax, Rejuvenate & Connect to your inner Peace



  • Guided Meditations




    Calm your mind and connect to your inner peace, open your 3rd eye for greater awareness and intuition, balance your chakras (wheels of energy) through breath, sound and visualization!! Meditations for sleeping well, loosing weight, reaching your Soul Potential and living life to the fullest, releasing core fears and increasing confidence.       


  • Reiki Classes


    Heal yourself and channel healing to your loved ones by learning Reiki, a very gentle and deep healing modality, which brings balance and peace on all levels..Emotional, Mental, Physical and spiritual. Reiki gives us an energy boost, reduces stress by instantly bringing peace of mind, re-stores our energy levels, unblocks our chakras and increases overall health and vitality. It can be given to children, our relationships, and can be used to energize our home with positive energies.  It is like filling positive healing uplifting energy to the already existing ( sad/painful/confused) energetic state and the net result is always more uplifting, more aware and more peaceful.

  • Reiki Treatment Sessions

    You can book a healing session, for any specific ailment, for de-stressing, relaxing, recharging and balancing your energy levels. It includes Aura healing, Chakra Balancing and cleansing, healing attunement and much more. A Reiki session involves laying on hands or giving Reiki from slight distance from the clothed body of the client. You can receive Reiki sitting or lying down comfortably on the Reiki Massage table.


    30 minute session : $ 40


    40 minute session : $ 50.


    Special discounts available for regular clients.


    Please drink ample water before and after the healing session.


  • Reiki Shares and Reiki Clinic


    ‚ÄčCherishing the idea of being in service to our community and to make Reiki available to everyone, Monday Reiki Shares offer the Reiki channels to deepen their practice and give and exchange Reiki healings. We invite your friends and family, who have not yet experienced Reiki, to come and experience Reiki in a group every Monday 5:30 - 8:00 pm. The Reiki Shares are an easy way to bask in the benefits of healing!!

  • Chakra Balancing Workshops

    Chakras are wheels of energy balancing our energy system. Learn and understand what Chakras are, there place on the etheric body, how to balance them, strengthen them and heal them for the energy to flow unobstructed. The workshop includes atleast 5 different meditations to balance, experience, and unblock the Chakras.


  • Shakti Kriya Yoga

    Learn the techniques and meditations to awaken the Kundalini energy, which resides at the base of the spine like a dormant serpent. This Shakti/Energy when rises up piercing the chakras, brings hightened awareness, increased intuition, balance in emotional, mental and physical bodies  and reveals many mysteries. It is a deep spiritual growth bringing abundant wisdom and light to our Souls. We learn Talabhya Kriya, Ashteya Kriya, Jyotir Shakti Kriya and Laya Yoga.

  • Pranayamas/Breathwork


    Every new breath is like a new life in the same body and every outgoing breath is like approaching death. We are re-born every moment with each new breath we inhale!! The breath connects us to this body. Learn very effective breathing techniques which have direct effect on peace of mind, centering and focusing, coming into the present moment and de-toxifying and improving overall health.


  • Karuna Reiki Classes


    Each and every cell of our body is connected! Each and every body organ is connected. The cells hold something called cellular memory, which stores the pain and hurts of our life. Karuna Reiki is an advanced form of deeper healing Reiki energy which clears the unhealthy energy in cellular memory, and recharges each and every cell of our body with Divine Light and radiance. It is very effective in releasing our core fears, heals co-dependency and fills us with compassion. i